Ideas for Shower Remodeling

Remodeling your shower has a lot of advantages; these include increasing the value of your home, as well as the comfort of life. There are many ways and ideas that you need to consider for you to jumpstart your shower improvement project. Choose something that would work best for your taste, as well as your budget.


Consider getting a customized tile shower. Tile showers typically last longer than those that are made up of plastic and porcelain. This option for remodeling enables tile arrangements in different designs and colors. However, its installation will take longer than usual and you won’t be able to use it for a few days since you need to wait until for the adhesive and the grout to dry.

Ideas for Shower Remodeling


Consider adding new shower fixture to brighten up the design of an old shower or add flare to a newly upgraded shower stall. You might want to change the shower head to a detachable one so that you can direct the water flow to particular parts of your body and the shower walls. You may also change your shower head to that of the rainfall type which hangs directly just like that of a traditional shower. There are also many options available for faucet knobs and handles. Try to match them to the theme of your bathroom or look for designs that would add beauty to your upgraded shower.

Ideas for Shower Remodeling


A highly functional and very convenient idea for remodeling involves placing a bench inside the shower. It may be placed as part of the shower or something that is removable depending upon the user’s preference. Placing a bench within the shower will provide a place for placing shower items and toiletries such as shampoos and soaps. It will also serve as a seat for those who are having problems in standing for long periods of time, as well as a great tool for shaving your legs. Most pre-made plastic, fiberglass, and porcelain shower often has this feature. For tile showers, on the other hand, you will need to build the bench on your own as they are installed.

Ideas for Shower Remodeling


Replacing shower and curtain doors will also add value to your bathroom. Note that the doors actually look more elegant and prevent more water from spilling out on the floor compared to curtains. Shower doors are actually available as sliding models or single pane with hinges that open. Basically, they are made up of frosted or translucent glass or even strong plastics.

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