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3 Small Landscape Upgrades that Make a Big Statement

If you’ve been wlandscapingaiting all year to upgrade your yard but don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on a large project, a few small changes may be all you need. Here are 3 small landscape upgrades that make a big statement in your yard.


Curbing 1 around your garden, trees, or even along your driveway adds a certain clean appeal to any yard. Curbing also makes it easier to mow your lawn with its edges to guide you, and gives your home a simple upgrade that is noticeable. If you want to give your property greater definition, consider curbing as your solution. A landscaper can refer you to a curbing expert.

Stump Removal

Stumps that are left in your yard take up an ample amount of space. They are also unsightly. You can hire a landscaper to remove your tree stumps for you and level out your ground so you can have a nice, even landscape. If you have trees that you want to get rid of as well, your landscaper can help you decide which ones to thin out and which ones to keep. After Removing stumps , a wood chipper rental may be great for recycling


Shrubs are perfect for any landscape to give a property a less rigid and bare look. You can make your entrance more alluring with juniper shrubs, and you can use shrubs in your backyard along your fence line to add privacy or to hide an older fence. If you want to add shrubbery in your yard, plant in early spring so they have begun to sprout by summer.

There are many ways you can upgrade your yard without putting in a lot of effort or money into the process. Whether you want to soften your property with shrubs or give it a cleaner look with curbing, you can improve your landscape easily with just a few small upgrades.

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